The name is composed by the two Greek words “arithmós” (number) and “rhythmós” (rhythm). This already tells you what I want to do: I want to find the rhythm of numbers. To make it accessible for as many people as possible, most of all texts on this site will be published in German and English.

I decided to write this blog because – despite the fact that we are constantly surrounded by numbers and statistics – a lot of them are used wrongly. I can’t stand it anymore to see causation and correlation mixed up for the hundredth time. Therefore I will grab my calculator and I will produce my own numbers and interpret them myself.

Numbers themselves don’t make an article or an issue per se more correct, they just provide the foundation. The articles published here are not trying to fulfill scientific article criteria, yet they are produced through scientific methods. Nevertheless they shall be readable and easy to understand for everyone. If someone is interested in the statistical analyse beneath, I will happily send you my documents.

This blog shall deal with current topics, everyday knowledge and common sense – there are no limits to the numbers. We are here sharply between reality and abstract actuality – and this is exactly where ARYTHMOS belongs.


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