Sorry Mr. Bond: Drinks on

According to a selection of used hashtags over a period of 30 days on we are all pretty addicted. Our much appreciated coffee is in the lead of our chart with a total of 57,225 hits! Wow, do we love our caffeine. The alcohol is only little behind with wine and beer both ranging over 32,000 hits on Instagram. Cheers to that!


Interestingly, water is generating nearly the same content. The question that came to my mind: why would you take a picture of water?! Well, let’s leave that to the users.

Beer is indeed trending, as #craftbeer is still generating over 15,000 hits in 30 days. A lot of other drinks are widely spread among the Instagram-people. With autumn coming up, the obligatory Pumpkin Spice Latte (abbreviated as “psl” for all those who are not a 14 year old girl or do not frequently visit Starbucks) is also on the list.

Wings? Merely.

Some selected beverages did worse than their worldwide publicity would suggest, among those brands is Red Bull. In the targeted 30 days the Austrian energy drink only reached a little bit over 3,000 posts. By the way, this is just slightly more than #coke generated. However, such big companies also like to “invent” hashtags for marketing reasons.

With only 1,200 collected hits on the hashtag “martini” it seems as if Mr. Bond’s signature drink went out of style. Or maybe those people who drink Martinis just don’t post pictures on Instagram – Mr. Bond wouldn’t do so either.

data on hits by
Note: due to the possibility of searching this is not a ranking

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