#foodporn! Food on instagram.com

We like it sweet, fatty and high in calories. And we love to post pictures of it! #foodporn! The hashtags of cake, pizza and ice cream reach enormous amounts of hits on Instagram. Is seems as if we are trapped in a world full of obesity, and then, BAM: sushi and fish. With 12,031 and 9,537 hits, the reach of these hashtag is still quite high.


You wouldn’t believe what’s next! Salad! The innocent green leaves are also mentioned over 9,000 times. But don’t worry, calories are coming again: bacon and burger are clearly loved on Instagram.

Surprisingly, avocado is getting quite a lot of traffic, given that it is basically just an ingredient.

As you can see, there is no end to the Instagram-spectre. How much benefit those more than 25.000 cake hashtags bring to the society, shouldn’t be discussed here.

Data on hits by topsy.com
Note: due to the possibility of searching this is not a ranking


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